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About Us

Who we are

Etnica works to provide a support system for developing communities who are exposed to threats such as migration, extinction of culture and traditions, unemployment and low access to education, among other conditions. 

We look to activate low impact areas such as fair trade, responsible travel and community projects for sustainable development. Through partnerships and active participation we are looking to create social and economic opportunities which can improve living standards, health, education and empowerment of artisans, farmers and community members. 


Create business opportunities for active members of developing communities in Guatemala through fair trade, local empowerment, community tourism and sustainability.


Be an inclusive and innovative organization that promotes interaction, responsible and conscious consumption; benefiting our clients and the local community by valuing their work, environment, traditions, identity and culture.


  • san antonio palopo ceramics artisan etnica
    Guatemala is a country full of art, culture and traditions. The artisans with whom we get involved and work wi
  • coffee grower coffee trek san juan la laguna etnica
    At Etnica we have co-created opportunities that generate work and exposure to farmers
  • fisherman el paredon artisan fishing tour etnica
    Rivers, mangroves, lakes, lagoons and open sea.
  • san juan la laguna natural dyes woman weaver etnica
    The culture of weaving is strongly marked by the preservation of a millenary legacy
  • association manos de fe san antonio aguas calientes etnica guatemala
    Cooperatives & Associations
    Over the years we have achieved partnerships with cooperatives and associations