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san antonio palopo ceramics artisan etnica
san antonio palopo ceramics artisan etnica
artisan blown glass cantel etnica
painter san juan la laguna lake naif art etnica
family of self taught painters san juan la laguna etnica

Guatemala is a country full of art, culture and traditions. The artisans with whom we get involved and work with are an essential part of what Etnica is and represents. We are fortunate enough to be able to share and show the work that each cooperative, association or independent artisan embodying in its art its way of life, connection with its environment and itself, heritage of culture and traditions and carrying with it a legacy of more than 3,500 years.

As a social enterprise it is our duty to give direct recognition to the hands that have created each piece of art, respecting production times, paying a fair price for the work done aiming at the revaluation of each of the artisanal processes and how this directly contributes to sustainable community growth and development.