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coffee grower coffee trek san juan la laguna etnica
coffee grower coffee trek san juan la laguna etnica
farmer atitlan etnica guatemala
salt farmer el paredon sustainable ethical tourism etnica

Agriculture is a key activity in the economy and provides sustenance to the homes of each of the communities in Guatemala. Currently there is a great problem due to the methods of fumigation and production used by large companies which bring great consequences to the soil and even human health when coming into contact with crops. On the other hand, the profit margins for many farmers is so low, that they are forced to migrate out of their communities to big cities and to industrial activities. 

At Etnica we have co-created opportunities that generate work and exposure to farmers through low-impact activities of community tourism and volunteering, in which farmers can perform their work while sharing their knowledge and ancestral legacy, dignifying their work and connection with mother earth with people from all around the world.