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Farming and artisan fishing

Most members of these communities survive and live of the land, in the case of Guatemala the productivity and richness of the soil is very vast, therefore there is variety and abundance of local and small produce.Coffee and Maize are some of the most important and recognized goods in the highlands, the production and harvesting process date back to artisan methods and are linked to Maya beliefs and tradition.

Fishing on the other hand, has become a great income and sustenance to the villagers in the marine coastal areas; it’s also a low impact activity to the ecosystem. Guatemala has many villages that rely on fishing and apply their own traditional methods. 

While working with the farmers and fishermen, you will have an opportunity to absorb and embrace their appreciation for natural resources and to be working outdoors as another community member.

Available in:

  • San Juan la Laguna
  • El Paredón

Time required:

  • A minimum of one day is necessary.