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Local Cuisine

Actual and current cuisine has been influenced by both the Maya and the Spanish in most of Guatemala. The base and main ingredient of the diet is Maize, along with different local vegetables, herbs and spices. Some local dishes are only prepared on certain dates and special occasions. In the coast on the other hand, the diet is different and traditional dishes are lighter and have a variety of seafood available. 

If you are die hard foodie and are interested in learning all about this flavorful and traditional cuisine, we invite you to participate in our culinary experiences where you can learn to prepare and taste recognized dishes such as chicken pepián, creole chicken broth, ceviches, tortillas, tamales and many more.

Available in:

  • San Juan la Laguna
  • San Antonio Aguas Calientes
  • El Paredón

Time required:

  • Up to 3 hours minimum.