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Textile Treks

The textiles and garments created using both the backstrap and pedal loom are known worldwide for their high quality and cultural significance. Many Maya women are devoted to weaving since they are little girls; in recent years due to industrial manufacturing techniques traditional weaving has become at risk of extinction.  Classes take place with professional weavers at the workshop or in their home. Ideally it’s important to learn the process from preparing the thread and the warp, to assembling your own backstrap loom. Our idea is to share this beautiful craftsmanship so you can take it home with you and carry on this tradition wherever you may be. 

Available in:

  • San Antonio Palopó
  • San Juan la Laguna
  • San Antonio Aguas Calientes
  • San Juan Comalapa

Time required:

  • A mínimum of 5 days. Overall the time required will depend on your ability to learn and the type of technique applied in each community.