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san juan la laguna natural dyes woman weaver etnica
san juan la laguna natural fashion revolution etnica
san juan la laguna backstrap loom etnica
cantel quetzaltenango etnica
backstrap loom woman weaver san antonio aguas calientes etnica

The culture of weaving is strongly marked by the preservation of a millenary legacy of culture, traditions and symbolism that many times it is not perceived by the average eye. However it shows us in a subtle way their way of seeing the Maya cosmovision, its relationship with nature and where techniques and styles vary by regions showing a not only artistic complexity but also a life style and way of perceiving life itself. 

We have currently co-created with different groups of weavers and independent weavers a variety of workshops in which they can transmit their knowledge through dynamic and immersive experiences, allowing them not only to generate an extra income but also to ensure through these practices a genuine cultural exchange where both parts learn and create long lasting relationships.